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In this unique 5 day education marathon, 9 primary topics will be covered in ½ day long journeys. The first morning begins with an introduction and NonStop product overview. Then the marathan begins!

There will be a series of interesting topics delivered by experienced NonStop experts/instructors. Select sessions will also be accompanied by key HPE product management and/or development subject matter experts.

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If you also register for and attend the 2019 NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Francisco, you will receive a $250 rebate on your registration after the TBC. This includes Early Bird registrations.
* If the marathon is canceled, this rebate cannot be offered.


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Price: $3,000 USD Course Length: 5 Days
Delivery Mode: ILT Location: HPE San Jose Office
6280 America Center Drive

Lunch, coffee and snacks are included with registration.
Marathon includes a tour through the new HPE headquarters building

You will receive an e-book (electronic copy) of the courseware for each of the sessions.
At the completion of the marathon each student will receive a special award!


Morning Sessions: 8:30am - 12:00pm
Afternoon Sessions: 1:00pm - 4:30pm

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  • System Operators

  • System Administrators

  • System Analysts

  • Support Personnel


  • The marathon covers multiple NonStop topics which are useful and interesting for anyone who is activily managing a NonStop system – In just one week!

  • Topics are focused on HPE Integrity NonStop X Blade Systems


  • Detailed knowledge about the HPE Integrity NonStop X Blade System architecture, operations, and management.

  • At least 2 years of experience performing NonStop administration and operation tasks.


Monday Morning

Introduction / Welcome

  • Opening ceremonies, logistics and topography brief.
  • Updates on current NonStop platform activities and products.
  • Marathon route and milestones overview.

Monday Afternoon

Latest new features in Guardian

  • With each RVU new features are added to the NonStop OS. Do you know about the online DP2 CPU migration, NonStop Dynamic Capacity (NSDC) or the new features with PSTATE2?
    In this session, new features of the NonStop OS on the last RVUs are discussed.

  • During a LAB exercise you’ll have a chance to practice with new features in our HPE NonStop vLAB.

Tuesday Morning

Inside the                                          Virtual Tape Controller (VTC)

  • The Virtual Tape Controller (VTC) has many interesting features, do you know them?
    You’re going to learn all about ‘secondary datastores’, ‘catalog sync’ and ‘macros’ among other things.

  • You’ll also have an opportunity to perform various LAB exercises in the HPE NonStop vLAB.

Tuesday Afternoon

Touching Virtualized NonStop on VMware

  • Virtualized NonStop on VMware has now been around for more than a year, but do you know its architecture and how to set it up? This leg of the marathon provides an overview of the vNS architecture and the VMware infrastructure needed to make your vNS run. We’ll overview the VMware vRealize Orchestrator vNS workflows to make you comfortable with deploying a vNS.

  • You are going to learn how to add a virtual IP vCLIM and a virtual volume to an existing Virtualized NonStop system during hands-on practice.

Wednesday Morning

Insights to BASE24 and BASE24-eps on HPE NonStop

  • Perhaps you have been using BASE24 or BASE24-eps for a while, but do you really know how it all fits together on your NonStop?

  • This is your chance to get a solid grip on BASE24 and BASE24-eps, including overviews of the technical components, processes and data.

Wednesday Afternoon

How to perform firmware upgrades on NonStop X systems

  • SUT or Non-SUT firmware? Which tool to use? You may have many questions about handling firmware on HPE NonStop X Blade Systems. This is when we answer them all.

  • We’ll explain the differences between various firmware and how to update them at this stage of the marathon. The CLIM Management Tool, the HSS/HCA Firmware Management Tool and other tools are part of this presentation.

  • You will be provided access to the HPE NonStop vLAB to perform a firmware update by yourself. 

Thursday Morning

BASE24/BASE24-eps migration to NonStop X at a glance 

  • Ready to migrate? You want to migrate your NonStop i (Itanium) to a NonStop X (x86), but what about the application environment?

  • This is the stage where you learn to migrate BASE24 or BASE24-eps to an HPE NonStop X Blade System.

    And if it wasn’t enough, you’ll learn how to begin migrating from BASE24 to BASE24-eps.

Thursday Afternoon

IP CLIM Networking and Failover Features

  • Many great features have been added over the years to the IP CLIM functionality. What is available today and how does it all actually work?

  • This part of the journey takes you thru a very good technical overview of all the network features of IP CLIMs. You are going to explore features like Bonding, Multi Provider, LACP, CLIM-to-CLIM failover, Multi-Tenancy, (VLAN, VxLAN), IP CLIM connection fail over, IPSec and CLIM IPTables.

  • If you’ve never configured an IP CLIM before, then this is your big chance. Access to the HPE vLAB is provided to perform your first IP CLIM configuration.

Friday Morning

Business continuity with
HPE Shadowbase

  • Business continuity with HPE Shadowbase is the road you’ll maneuver for this segment as the vista includes the HPE Shadowbase architecture and many key features you’ve always wanted visit. NonStop configurations like active/active with Shadowbase will be discussed in detail.

  • The session includes a live demo on HPE NonStop X Blade Systems.

Friday Afternoon

Enscribe & the Guardian file system explained

  • Unstructured, structured, relative, key-sequenced files. What is this all about? Do you really understand the Guardian file system?

  • This deep-dive session is provided on how the NonStop system stores data and how you access and manage it. You’re going to learn the different file structures along with File management and using DDL to define record structures as you can almost taste the end of the marathon.

  • You will also get to play in the NonStop vLAB with some fun and interesting exercises to cool down after you’ve crossed the finish line.